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Pressure Massager for eye
By Yong Kang Decline | China Yongkang | 2017-07-23
Pressure massages the eye, shorten the axis, flatten the cornea, change the sphere diopter. Combine with the Better Vision training, recover the flexibility of the musculi ciliaris, and thus achieve myopia correction.

   There are some matters needing attention:
1.   Starting from the low pressure, follow in order and advance step by step.
2.   The elastic band is pretty essential, which is suitable for the children’s head.
3.   Making sure it will be used every day, in order to ensure the better effect.

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Liaocheng, Shandong "good vision bright line" into the Ea
Liaocheng, Shandong "good vision bright l
創新做先鋒 金獎歸永康
創新做先鋒 金獎歸永康
Cure For Myopia
Cure For Myopia
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