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Better Vision Machine
By Yong Kang Decline | China Yongkang | 2017-07-23
Because of the seeing things close to, crystalline lens is pulled for long time without getting enough rest, which leads to the low elasticity and flexibility. Right when showing those symptoms, myopia is getting to you.
Our product Better Vision Machine is made out of this reason. By optimization training through eyes muscle, optic nerve and brain, recovery the flexibility of ciliaris and crystalline lens, improve the imaging quality and better vision.

Quantified training, apparent result. First time user experiences better vision by 1-3 lines. After one month use, improve naked eye vision by 1-2 lines. In 3 to 6 months easily improve eyesight by about 5 lines.

Six advantages about it are pretty obvious.
1.   Apparent result with quantified training. Below 300 degree myopia, children can get rid of the glasses with training for three to six months.
2.   The whole process can be done at home.
3.    It’s easily for children to have fun, and the whole system is getting harder gradually.
4.   Easily to operate. Children can finish it by him.
5.   Cost effective: In home training 1 month equals 1 session face to face.
6.   Myopia prevented. For those with normal vision, once a week with the Better Vision Machine can prevent myopia.
Visual function training is a sort of pure physical technology. For children’s future and family’s happiness, Better Vision Machine from Yongkang Smart Reducing-degree Lens will always be your first choice.

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