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The first season “Reducing-Degree Star”contest with a perfect ending
By Yong Kang Decline | China Yongkang | 2017-04-07

The first season “Reducing- Degree”contest in Changchun has got a perfect ending, with over five hundred people, which was never appeared before. The children who got benefits from this applied for the contest. What they got is not only the happiness of correction, but the huge surprise of prize.

 The ceremony started at 9:30 am. The meeting house was full of people. At the scene,  the sponsor gave the award with value of 60,000Yuan.

It’s reported that Yong Kang Intelligence Reducing Diopter Glasses has completely independent intellectual property rights, has won the national invention patent certificate, access to the Hong Kong International Patent Technology Expo Gold Award, the British London flag world record certification and many other honors.

Sun Mingru, the general manager of Changchun Yong Kang said they wanted more children to know about this and got benefits from it, finally they can get rid of glasses.

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Liaocheng, Shandong "good vision bright line" into the Ea
Liaocheng, Shandong "good vision bright l
創新做先鋒 金獎歸永康
創新做先鋒 金獎歸永康
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Cure For Myopia
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