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The congress for the work of myopia protection held in provi
By Yong Kang Decline | China Yongkang | 2017-03-31
The congress for the work of myopia protection held , Professor Liu Yonghong proposed initiative

Liaoning Provincial Department of Education called "the province's anti-near work forum" at 9:30 on December 9, 19:30 in Shenyang, Northeast Building held on time, Shenyang, Anshan, Dalian, Yingkou Dandong and other areas of the Education Bureau , Primary and secondary health care center more than 20 people attended the meeting, Liaoning Yongkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Professor Liu Yonghong was also invited to attend the meeting.
In recent years, China's juvenile myopia more and more serious, showing younger age, highly developed and highly myopia, accounting for 62% of the population of myopia, juvenile myopia ranked first in the world, juvenile myopia as a child's learning, life inconvenience and Pain, and even affect the happiness of life, but also make the future of national aerospace, defense and other important positions in the country shortage of talent brought about by the crisis, the State Council on the issue of youth health issues, the whole people concerned about the big problem.
The meeting summed up the province since 2012, the implementation of the "primary and secondary school myopia prevention and control" program work, analysis of the current form of development of primary and secondary myopia, "primary and secondary myopia prevention and control" plan before the implementation of convergence, primary and secondary students myopia The situation is still worrying, and called on the participants to take the lead in group work, and actively put forward more perfect and powerful utility of juvenile myopia protection measures.
Professor Liu Yonghong think young people's health is the benefit of the country's work, but also a long-term need to adhere to the cause, in addition to the children and parents to popularize myopia protection knowledge, but also with the school's prestige and binding, strengthen students to protect vision Behavior, to carry out the school as a unit of myopia defense activities, and made to help build "anti-standard model school" to point to drive the overall situation, to promote the school myopia defense work started.

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