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Parents a simple gesture ,amblyopia found ahead of time
By Yong Kang Decline | China Yongkang | 2017-09-06

Childhood is a critical period of visual function development, amblyopia affects physical and psychological trauma, but it also brings to the family and society a large loss . In daily life, many people think that amblyopia is myopia or hyperopia, it is not right. As long as parents watch a lot of children's habits, more visual problem children can have a clear treatment direction.
With parents efforts, child amblyopia can be cured early!

0 to 7 years old is the best treatment of children who has oblique amblyopia
"Amblyopia is to correct the visual acuity which is less than standard that is probably to see things, wearing glasses still can not see things, is a functional problem. In general, 0-7 years old is the best treatment of children with oblique amblyopia, over 12 years old  the development of the eye is in a relatively stable state, so it is as far as possible before the age of 12 to restore treatment. At the same time, children within 1 years old, 3 years old, 6 years old to 7 years old  is the peak of visual development, but also strabismus, amblyopia was found peak. And amblyopia genetic predisposition is not obvious, because the child during the development process has not been effective form of stimulation or shape sentation  was deprived.
Amblyopia should be early detection, how parents find?
Amblyopia early correction of the child can play a very good therapeutic effect, and can be done in daily life.
0-3 years old stage
At this stage to see some of the baby's reaction, such as when there is light baby will not chase the light reaction, the eyes will not follow the move with the toy, if it is not a little reaction, that is a problem. In addition, to observe the child's eyes, especially in the middle of the pupil is not white (congenital cataract), eye gaze will not quickly tremble (nystagmus),it  also pay attention to the size of two eyes Whether it is uniform, symmetrical, and generally other normal babies compared to the following, there is no problem ,it is common.
3-7 years old stage
3-7 years old stage is the fastest development period of the child, it is  strabismus, amblyopia and is found the peak of the disease, because at this stage many children began to learn knowledge, a lot of observation to understand things outside, then parents should pay attention: Children read the book, when writing from the book is not too close; he see people look at things when the two eyes is not to see one , or there is no one eye to see, another  eye to see the side of the problem oblique . But it also need pay attention to the child head to see things. whether  
Has tilting head phenomenon.
When the above situation occurs, parents should be taken seriously, taking children in time to visual correction center  , optometry equipment is completely distinguish between myopia and amblyopia, parents need to pay attention to the test results, if the earlier detection of the child's amblyopia,  it is need review and correction in time .The child's eye health protection will be more well arranged .
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Cure For Myopia
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