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More and More Serious
Adolescent myopia is more and more serious.
Hazard of eye myopia
1.Genetic factors. Generations will become the slaves of glasses. The proportion of myopia for children is almost 100%, if their parents are both high myopia.
2.Encumbrance for entering a military schools
3.Being with myopia can lower the children’s confidence.
4.Fundus lesions. High myopia is the main reason for blindness, including retinal holes, retinal hemorrhage, and retinal detachment.
serious serious
Social Epidemic Hot Demand
1.3 characteristics of Teen myopia Younger in age, rapid ascending, high myopia.
2.Teen myopia grows 100 degrees or more annually.
3.High myopia leads to eye diseases, retinal detachment and other comorbid conditions, thus effect a child’s future.
4.Myopia degree reached 600 degrees above, will be passed on to the next generation of children.
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